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Trust What You Take for Yourself, Trust What You Give to Your Family

The reason I started Game Changer was because I was looking for solutions - solutions to aging, solutions to time, solutions to the wear and tear of a long and active lifestyle. I'm a guy in my early 50s, with an active lifestyle that I want to stay active. I recognize the importance of remaining active as I start getting older, and I don't want aches and pains to hold me back from the activities I love. I play golf, tennis, and several other activities for fun and to get some exercise. Yet as I do so, I have experienced the normal aches and pains associated with these sports.

From friends and family, I had heard about the benefits of CBD, so I did what we all do: I went to the internet! My goal was simply to purchase some CBD, but I quickly discovered there were hundreds of options, with very little to distinguish one from another. Worse, it seemed like many of the companies I encountered weren't making knowledgeable, well-supported claims, but were instead cynically trying to cash in on the latest health craze.

Undaunted, I continued my research. I put together several criteria I thought were important: USA-grown hemp, processed in the USA; third-party tested, so I could know for certain what was in the bottle; use of the highest-quality extraction methods, to assure the best benefits of the plant would come through in the finished product. Once I had my criteria in place, I started talking to every reputable CBD producer on the market.

The results of this research are these few companies on this site. The fruits of my intensive investigations are products you can trust. Products produced here in America, extracted in the best possible ways, and tested to confirm their quality and purity. I have done the research for you, so you can feel confident in purchasing from us, knowing that all the products on this site are of the highest regard, so we can take the edge off while remaining active for our health and our happiness.

The CBD products you're looking for

All of the CBD products carried by Game Changer CBD have been specifically and carefully chosen to be the highest-quality products on the market, at reasonable prices. We require our suppliers to undergo rigorous scrutiny, and to follow industry best practices.

Your product, on time and intact

All our products are shipped by the United States Postal Service, and we ship to all states that legally allow shipment of CBD. Our packaging has been rigorously tested to get your product to you in perfect condition. To learn more, check out our Shipping & Returns page.

Your satisfaction guaranteed

We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. All of our products undergo strict third-party testing, and we always make the results of that testing available to you. If for any reason you're not satisfied, contact us, and we'll make it right!